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2016-17 Student Handbook phone 503-5134 office CLC 210 You are going to be tested throughout your years of college. So, keep your eyes on the prize and remember what you’re here for. – Tia Greene Greetings Fellow Spartans, On behalf of the Student Government Association, I would like to welcome you into the #SpartanStrong family here at the University of South Carolina Upstate. The University of South Carolina Upstate offers many great opportunities. I am more than certain you will find a niche and grow with it. The University of South Carolina Upstate welcomes all students and makes everyone feel like we are part of family. College is what you want to make it. This is a journey that you are allowed to create on your own and I definitely encourage you to do just that. Make this academic year your own! Do everything that you desire and more because the sky is the limit. Do not ever let a “no” dictate your destiny. If it is meant to be it will happen! Lastly, college is not going to be easy. It is going to take a lot of long hours of study, book purchases, and a lot of ups and downs. Do not get discouraged. That makes this a true college experience. This is a big step in life and success is not measured by just accomplishments. Success is also measured by how many times you have been told “no” and you decided to get back up and keep on going. I wish everyone the best this 2016-2017 school year and remember that we are #SpartanStrong. Sincerely, Tia Greene 2016-2017, Student Government Association President “ ” 3

2016-17 Student Handbook
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