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2016-17 Student Handbook phone 503-5107 office CLC 303 “ ” Celebrate all things about being a Spartan! —Laura Puckett-Boler Welcome Spartans, As we begin another exciting academic year, join us as we welcome our new Interim Chancellor, Mary Anne Fitzpat-rick, and assist her in meeting students and becoming part of our Spartan Nation. The events and programs planned for this year will provide opportunities to learn, connect with our community and celebrate all things about being a Spartan. Start the semester by attending Upstate 48 events, a showcase of programs and services focusing on the first 48 days of the fall semester. Upstate 48 also serves as a way to build a strong campus community by connecting you with faculty, staff and your fellow students. Look for the icon on our website that highlights these events for our cam-pus Freshmen, a dynamic “AGOGE” program has been designed especially with you in mind to further assist your transi-tion into college and the Spartan community. This program will equip you with vital knowledge that will be of para-mount importance as you embark on your academic career. Throughout this year, we will provide you with many opportunities to connect with the Division of Student Affairs as we strive to promote school spirit through events such as Premiere Fair, Stadium Party, Rocktoberfest, and many other meaningful educational experiences. Get healthy and stay fit by engaging in programs in the Wellness Center. I encourage you to become actively involved in the growing life of all of our campuses. Your input and perspective will assist us as we evaluate student services and activities currently offered to students. RU OK? Many of you may wonder what this program is all about and how it affects you. Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in the number of students who have been in crisis along with the normal stress of their academic programs. The Spartans Care campaign is a way we hope to assist students who are in need. Utilize the student reporting form found on our website or just stop by one of our offices for assistance. If you have a friend in the midst of a personal, health, financial or academic crisis, refer them to our services. We have top rated counseling, health services and disability services that help students be academically successful. Show that Spartans do care by offering support and encouragement to each other. The Student Handbook is provided to you as a service that outlines policies and processes for students, while high-light ways that you can become involved on campus. A unique feature of our Handbook is the calendar/planner also highlighting many campus-wide events and important dates. We hope you will utilize this handbook as you plan your academic schedule and co-curricular events at Upstate. Please remember, if you need any assistance during this year, do not hesitate to come and visit me or contact my office at (864) 503-5107. We are here for you! Stay #SpartanStrong! Laura Puckett-Boler, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students 2

2016-17 Student Handbook
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